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Collection of work so far ( July 2010 )

Ok so here’s a collection of interactive experiments and projects. The theme of these experiments are within the concept of interactivity and telepresence. One of these projects was a collaborative piece, I’ll give some brief details to each one and of course give credit where it’s due. Please keep in mind that It’s difficult to put these into chronological order as most of these are on going experiments.

Video feedback experiment

  • Concept: experimenting with concept of telepresence
  • How: I linked a video camera with a projector and placed them next to eachother, generating a continious feedback loop of imagery.this took place during 2009/2010 at the Arts University College of Bournemouth, UK

Projector experiment chair

  • Concept: I took content from my previous work ‘Dear Camera’ and attempted to place the content back into the environment it was recorded in. In this case projected back onto the chair the interviewees used.
  • How: I back projected video onto acetate

this took place during 2010 at the Arts University College of Bournemouth, UK-by Martin Billingham

Photo dissolve Projection

  • Concept: I am experimenting with the use of video projection and interaction, I am particularly interested in projected image onto unconventional surfaces. In this case I am projecting the image of a photo dissolving, back onto the original photo paper. The projection is only visible with the presence of a person in the room with it.
  • How: Part of an ongoing experiment related to my analogue photo-manipulation work, I used a small projector linked to a laptop, the interaction is made possible with use of VJ (Video Jockey) software

this took place during 2010 at the Arts University College of Bournemouth, UK-by Martin Billingham


  • Concept: This is an ongoing experiment into the use of psychology and interactive media. I am trying to create an installation piece that creates an emotional as well as a psychological effect on the viewer. I’m particularly interested in the relationship between Interaction and Dysfunction
  • How: I am continuing experiments in order to find the best technology and software to produce the effect I am looking for. So far I have used a combination of video and coding software e.g. Processing

these experiment have so far taken place between 2008-current at Swindon College and the Arts University College of Bournemouth, UK-by Martin Billingham


Credit where credits due, This piece was a collaboration with my good friend Simon Poole Andersson check out his blog entry on this project. ‘A study of Interaction’ It is important to say that this project was conceived by Simon.  there was alot of critical banter between us and of course, I took the active role of performing in this project, I suppose you could say I was acting as a form of subject matter. But as I’ve said, first and foremost this is a work by hybridvision of which  Simon Poole Andersson is the director.

  • Concept: Anyway on with the concept, essentially this piece was designed to explore communication and telepresence, I find it useful to think of it as a ‘Face Phone’ which isn’t too difficult of a concept to get your head around. Video conferencing has been around for some time now.
  • How: I’m going to leave this to Simon’s discretion, it’s possible that we will work together on this or something similar again and we’d want to perfect it first.

As a side note I found this experience utterly fascinating, it was interesting to see just how quickly an audience became comfortable with the scenario. Perhaps this is conjecture, but I truely believe viewers were more drawn to the interaction with a three dimensional face than that of a conventional screen. Again this related to my work with Un-framing

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The Importance of Interaction

Dear Reader

If I were you right now, reading this. I would want the answer to three important questions

What is this blog about?

Who are you?


What’s your agenda?

Snapping back to reality and our normal roles as author and reader for a moment, I will try to answer these questions….of course, your going to have to make your own mind up, whether you believe I mean what I’m saying or not…in the end, that’s up to you…however, I hope you can accept that I will do my best in the writing of this blog, to be honest, humble and sincere.

So what is this blog about?

This blog is a culmination of my projects, thoughts and research in the area of Interactive Art. This is a subject close to my heart, brain and any other organs you place metaphorical importance upon.

So Who am I?

My name is Martin Billingham, currently I’m a student at the Arts University College of Bournemouth in the UK,

For the first two years of my BA, I studied Fine Art. Now I will be studying Digital Media as my third and final year of my BA course. Why? I’m pretending to hear you ask. Well put simply I wanted to concentrate on my practice and as it is, the Digital Media course has the expertise equipment and guidance I need for this goal.

I struggle to allow myself to be described as an ‘Artist’ that word carries a lot of baggage I don’t subscribe to. I prefer the term ‘Creative’ again this aches and wriggles in the deepest bits of guts I’ve got…but it does feel like a lesser of two evils.

So what’s my agenda?

I simply can’t imagine the future of Art without the presence of interactive media. I truly and honestly believe that the art world will be radically changed when interactive media truly comes of age, I am certain that this change is just around the corner and that we are right on the cusp, the very edge of this revolution. No I am not raising my fist triumphantly into the air with a stern forward looking expression on my face while saying this…. Ok I am, but thats beside the point.

This is all very well, but it’s not very pragmatic, what is my realistic desire for this blog?.

I hope that I can produce an engaging piece of writing that both reflects my passion and represents an ever-growing bank of knowledge, development and creativity within this chosen subject. I hope I can prove that Interactive Art should be taken seriously. Most importantly I hope this blog acts as a catalyst for discussion and debate about this art form and the world surrounding it.

Please feel free to give me feedback on my nuggets of verbiage and babble, In-fact I’d like to encourage it. I think it will stave off the psychotic Jack Torrance moment from ‘The Shining’ that is inevitable to take place within me the longer I play the “’talk to myself game’. Also I’d genuinely like to listen to others thoughts, as long as they’re coherent and considered. Please remember that you DO have the right to be offended, but I do NOT have the right to do anything about it. Think your own thoughts, live your own life and remember it’s important to be offended every now and then, it’s good for you.

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