Id machine: exhibition concept

I began making a model to describe the concept I want for my exhibition, I wanted to alter the sense of space for the viewer. I want the participant to sense that something isn’t quite right as soon as they have entered the space.

The desired effect is to create and eerie sense of perspective when entering the exhibition, this is known as forced perspective.

Forced perspective in architecture

“In architecture, a structure can be made to seem larger, taller, farther away or otherwise by adjusting the scale of objects in relation to the spectator, increasing or decreasing perceived depth.For example, when forced perspective is used to make an object appear farther away, the following method can be used: By constantly decreasing the scale of objects from expectancy and convention toward the farthest point from the spectator, an illusion is created that the scale of said objects is decreasing due to their distant location. In contrast, the opposite technique was sometimes used in classical garden designs and other “follies” to shorten the perceived distances of points of interest along a path.”
I can apply techniques like The Kellison Sticks method in order to produce correct mathematical proportions.
There is a strong history of forced perspective in film making, one of the most notable examples can be found in Hitchcock’s work ‘Vertigo’, here the dolly/zoom technique produces acts as an unsettling metaphor for ‘Scotties’ fear.

Hitchcock's 'Vertigo'

this technique is used in film making “…to suggest that a character is undergoing a realization that causes him or her to reassess everything he or she had previously believed”.
It’s this unreal situation that I want the participant to take part in, I want an odd sensation that things aren’t what they seem to permeate the whole experience, to act as a signifier that you are entering a world with different rules. I want to also refer to other metaphors for entering a surreal space, for example the concept of entering ‘deeper down the rabbit hole’ in Alice in Wonderland
I also want the placement of the frames in my exhibition to reflect the nature of sound itself,  as if the frames were markers for the ripple effect from the waves of sound being produced.

Sound Waves and their Sources 1933

I want to do my up most to ensure that the experience is as immersive as possible. It has always been my intention to produce a cognitive and emotional response within my participants in the same way cinema does with it’s viewer, will I be able to achieve this?….I think so

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