Where Next?

We live in strange times,

I’ve been a part of some exciting and interesting things and I am grateful to have done so;

I’ve been ambitious and varied, I’ve worked on projects spanning Economic regeneration to theory pushing Interaction design, sometimes I bit more off than I could chew and that’s fine. Turning mistakes into learning opportunities is an important part of developing as a person.

I love the expanse and atmosphere of the creative industries, but the financial climate is becoming truly serious and understandably these industries have been hit hard in terms of funding. It’s difficult to justify a role as a creative practitioner in this climate, there comes a point in which you need to think strategically. I want to move onto research in New media interaction and psychology, I think I have some interesting thoughts in this department and I understand it’s hard to quantify the direct economic value of this research. I can’t make a living wage from this.

So where next? People have told me that I have a natural talent in teaching and I’m finally listening, I’m qualifying myself on several teaching courses now and for the near future. Some of these courses mean that I can travel the globe, meaning that I can expand on my network, skills and life experience. I still want to enter into research and I’m still trying to get a clear perspective on a Masters course and university that suits, but frankly…this wont pay the bills and I know it.

Putting things in perspective, I am lucky. I live in the first world, I speak and read English fluently and I’m part of a country with a fantastic social welfare system. You have to realise the real context and remember that there are 3+ Billion people on the planet that can’t read or write, that’s almost HALF of the population of the planet.

Whats more, I am privy to a wealth of information and connections that generations before could only dream of, never has so much information been accessible for people through all income brackets

The truly powerful thing now is a collective of interesting, creative and critical thinkers. To be within this is truely what I want from life.

We live in strange times when access to a huge wealth of information is coupled with backwards thinking from work industries, industries that don’t make the most out of their work force, there is a demand for specialisation from workers and an assumption that motivation only comes from the incentive of wealth.

I and many others in my position are members of Generation Y. We are motivated by ideals, we are excited by ideas, we are enthused and engaged with working collaboratively.  I started this blog under the premise that Interaction is Important.. I stick by that claim and urge other creative and academic practitioners not to conserve what little they have, I urge them to take a new perspective on their situation and interact with eachother in order to create something incredible and unmissable together.

It’s been a long while since I posted something, I wanted to make sure that I had something to really say.

Thank you for your attention, I will start posting more regularly from now on

Martin Billingham



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