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SOPA and PIPA Stop interaction

this post was not my initial intention for today, but I this subject is to important to ignore…

Now I want to be clear from the get-go, I do not jump on to the bandwagon of this issue lightly. Both S.O.P.A and P.I.P.A are dangerous pieces of legislation that will effect the very way in which content is produced, distributed and informs new content online AND this absolutely effects the purpose of this blog, as I alluded to in my original post, The importance of interaction is to create a bank of knowledge, experience and ideas, taking influence from different fields of thought and study, of different backgrounds, skillsets, methods and ideologies and through this be able to produce a dynamic and vibrant community for ideas to flourish try this RSA animate video from Steven Johnson for more on this. SOPA and PIPA will diminish interaction with eachother through censorship of content.

These laws negatively effect the way in which the online community communicate and interacts together…this is the very heart of the matter and the consequences to informative and creative discourse are unthinkably destructive. Try everything is a remix for a demonstration of how content has been and continues to be made and remade.

Yes this is an American legislation BUT. Consider how much content you enjoy, learn from and need that is created and shared from sources in the U.S.A. These laws will effect your ability to receive them and your ability to react, or discuss them, its effects are certainly global.

Try this video for a short and effective explanation

It is incredible that some of the most important and popular websites on the planet have joined in this protest against SOPA today (18/01/2012) including Google, Wikipedia, Reddit Stumbleupon, WordPress and many other lesser known sites. as far as I’m aware this is a world first, never have such big players in the online world stood up together over the same issue. It’s commendable that each have taken steps (some more drastic than others) over this. Kudos to you guys…Kudos.

So…What?.  I urge you to read more into SOPA and PIPA and to think for yourself, to make sense of what’s going on.

What action can you take? If you are American contact your congressmen, here’s a link that can lead you this way. It’s little effort for alot of reward I promise you that. If your like me and live outside of America, share the displeasure with your friends and colleages. Show how it could effect them personally.

Global protest is beginning to truly come into it’s own. Your actions can have consequence on a worldwide stage, all you need is internet access, a little research and the will to do it. Don’t forget fundamentally were talking about access to content, that is the most powerful and wonderful thing of all…Don’t let other people take that away from you, or from anyone else.

Thank you for reading, we can make a real difference when we work together.


  • As I finish writing this sentence I have just become aware of the real life protests in New York, USA, read about them here
  • The Obama administration has made progress on this proposed law, but there is more to be done.

And now in the interest of fairness, I want to play devils advocate for a moment. I do wonder if SOPA/PIPA did go through that, over some time the impact would mean the U.S.A. would probably have less cultural influence on the internet. Certainly other more liberal countries would clamber to fill the gap with interesting and engaging content…It could turn out to be Americas biggest cultural mistake.


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